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Popular Materials are Iroko, Western Red Cedar, Treated and Painted & Stained Softwood.
10 and 20mm Spacing's offered as standard other sizes are available as specials.
Panels Manufactured to customer own individual requirements, installations are also available.
Site Visits & Samples available on request.

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At Alan Hayward Joinery we secure the Horizontal Lathes from the rear of the panels.
This provides a truly beautiful effect un compromised by ugly fixings which can be seen from most ' off the shelf' products.

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Horizontal Slatted Trellis Iroko, Natural Finish (Hor 07a) Hor 13 Hor 21 Hor 14 Hor 09 Hor 22 Hor 05 Treated and Stained Softwood (Hor 04) Treated Softwood, Painted Finish(Hor 01) Treated Softwood, Painted Finish(Hor 02) Iroko, Natural Finish (Hor 11) Iroko 10mm Spaced, Natural Finish (Hor 23) Western Red Cedar, Used as Wall Screening (Hor 18) Hor 06 Hor 12 See Also Our Accoya Panels